Shanghai Oceandatum Computer Technology Corp., Ltd. which established in 2001 focuses on delivering the next generation of intelligent IT infrastructure solutions and services to customers. the main business includes Storage, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery,Virtualization, Big data and Network Optimization.

Oceandatum has many years of systems integration and professional services experience in a wide range of industries such as Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Energy, Media, Health, and Government sectors. We are also maintaining close working relationships with international IT companies.

1.NetApp Classified Storage Virtualization Professional Service Provider ;
2.NetApp Gold Solution Advisor;
3.Citrix Gold Solution Advisor ;
4.EMC and Huawei Storage Solution Provider;
5.Paloalto Reseller;
6.Symantec, VMware and Red Hat Linux, Software Vendor and Service Provider;
7.Sangfor Gold Solution Advisor.

Most of our service engineers are certified by Cisco, Paloalto ,NetApp, Citrix, Huawei, Oracle, Mircosoft, Symantec, Quatum, Unix, Sangfor , Vmware and etc.

Oceandatum believe that the advanced sciences & technology are the primary productive forces, so we bring design,implemention,maintenance service to customers.The company has successfully deliver many of remarkable projects, and keep a good reputation in customer base.


Shanghai Oceandatum Computer Technology Corp., Ltd. which established in 2001 focuses on delivering the next generation of intelligent IT infrastructure solutions and services to customers. the main business includes Storage, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery,Virtualization, Big data and Network Optimization.

IT Integration
We provide the project design, implementation and maintenance:
1.Data Center Design and Application Delivery
2.IT Virtualization Infrastructure , including VDI, virtual applications, virtual servers and storage
3.Data and Application-level Disaster Recovery
4.IT Security
5.Storage and Data Management
6.Storage and Database System Performance Optimization
7.Network and Application load balance
8.Network Acceleration and Optimization
9.Big Data Management and Analysis
IT Services
1,Planning and Design
2,Project implementation
3,Maintenance support
4,Evaluation and Optimization
5,Operations Outsourcing
6,Technology training


Installation and Configuration Services

For most of the IT infrastructure, there are daily monitoring maintenance, system expansion, adding new system and system re-deployment. Such work will be time limit, heavy workload and high standard of professional and technical requirements, the company will send professionals to installation, configuration and maintain system based on service terms.

Inspection and System monitoring service

In order to improve the usability of the system, we suggest several of preventions before the accident occurs such as system inspection. System inspection service can detect potential system problem and ensure that the system healthy operation.

We also develops storage monitoring and alarm messages platforms (OSMS) software monitors the client’s server, network, storage, load balancing devices, cloud computing and virtualization platform software.

System Software Upgrade/Patch Service

We provide patches and system software update service for common used system such as Linux, Microsoft, Citrix, NetApp and VMware etc.

System Condition Assessment Services

As the rapid technology grows, the IT departments are faced with serial challenges. We believe that system assessment is essential to ensure the regular operation systems are function normally. With extensive experience in many IT environments, we are able to provide report includes the improvement of the systems and identify risks during the system operations.

On-Side Assistance Service

Based on the demined for high availability of business systems, we can provide on-side assistance. When there is special scheduler requirement, we will send experience field engineers, they can response to any emergencies and provide safeguard to all kinds of information systems.

Off-side Assistance Service

When there is system failure, we analyze the related information and logs, and then solve the problem ASAP.

Project Management Service

When there is multi-implementation, the clients will face many problems such as complex system configuration, staff coordination, trouble shooting and schedule issues. For this reason, it is critical to reducing project risks and ensures successful project implementation by hire the professional IT project managers. We provide services such as project management and implementation.

Online Support Center Service

IT desktop devices are used for information processing, communications and computing equipments. Desktop equipment failure will seriously affect the work efficiency and may even lead to interrupt the business operations. We provide advanced technology and scientific management processes effective manage the desktop environment with low-cost, price transparency quality service. Therefore, clients can be completely freed from the cumbersome desktop maintenance and focus on their core business process.

IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

Oceandatum has established professional IT consultant teams for many years. They can provide usefully consult such as data center building, enterprise applications and software development, software design and system maintains since year 2002. Their goal is solve various problems in the field of information services, to build the best information system based on the customer’s requirements.

System Testing Services

In order to successful complete the business process, the IT department need to develop own software and patches. However, they are lack of suitable management, tools to test and qualify new software and patches. We are provides standardized test platform and management to ensure the new software are match with design purpose.

Training Services

Based on customer and user situation, we can provide basic product information and training the staffs.

System Maintenance

Maintenance Services:

1. Online Support Services
2.Hotline Technical Support Response
3.Remote Fault Diagnosis
4.Monitoring Services
5.On-Site Troubleshooting
6.Failure Hardware Replacement (off-side/on-side assistance )
7.Software Upgrade Services
8.Schedule Inspection
9.Inspection Report and Advice

Service Level

Silver Service – Basic maintenance services
Gold Service– Fast response maintenance Service
Platinum Service –full range of maintenance services with comprehensive system diagnostics service.


We are committed to achieving market reputation by living our &#118alue and embracing strong principles.

Trust and Integrity

Our interactions are based upon candor, honesty, and respect for individual contributions. We are committed to earning the trust and confidence of our teammates and to always acting for the absolute good of the whole.


We embrace the principle that everything should be as simple as possible and no simpler. We maintain simplicity in our internal processes and structures with objectives that are succinct, quantitative, and time bound.

Teamwork and Synergy

We achieve synergy through the skills and ideas of all participants. Through collaboration, we strive for win/win solutions to issues and problems. Personal success is realized through team achievements.

Go Beyond

We set extraordinary expectations and goals and believe in the joy of achieving significant results. We embrace creativity, risk taking, and continuous improvement, enabling us to make and meet aggressive commitments. Get Things Done!

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